6-8 October 2022
Cosmoprof India


Blurring Boundaries - Decoding the new India through human centricity
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Blurring Boundaries - Decoding the new India through human centricity
The global industries are going through a shift, a collective reverberation in light of the new generation of consumers that have set in motion an awakening. There has been a constant restructuring of the social panorama & shattering of traditional beauty norms; challenging the established brands to rethink their strategies and giving way to more consumer-centric brands. There has been a paradigm shift from object-centered to human-centered approach in creation & in narrative alike. Blurring boundaries is a literal dissolution of boundaries between varied concepts & entities. The topic will delineate around the fluid & seamless interaction of the brands with their customers, highlighting the rise & relevance of human-centric creation, encapsulating the emergence of hybrid products, interactive packaging & immersive retail. The new lifestyle has digital integrated into every aspect of their lives. How the brands cater to the evolving demographic? How to reinvigorate an existing brand? How to remold traditional into unconventional? How to create impactful & sensible design?

1. Multisensorial – activating senses beyond tangible. The evolving consumer is conscious & mindful of their actions resulting in new consumption patterns. They favor brands/products that will alleviate their problems & fit into their lifestyle. This transformation has extended into the role of design itself, from mere traditional functionality to a more purposeful lifecycle, giving way to the phenomenon of beyond packaging such as refillable, keepsake, etc. What brands has to learn is to create value beyond just product, with innovative designs & experiences! Within the fragrance industry, people are turning to scent to ‘re-touch’. Brands have an ideal opportunity to position scents to make people memorable and form vital bonds. Scent will help consumers to connect, disconnect and reconnect in physical spaces. It will augment our personal relationships. The key to enhances customer experiences is to establish a bridge between physical & digital world by incorporating human-digital interaction at the various sensorial touchpoints from product to retail.

2. Metamorphosis – Physi-motional activation With the global pandemic in backdrop, and surge in digitalization, the beauty industry is exploring how we can experience products digitally. The new informed consumers have all the information at the click of a button. Consumers are seeking brands that are creative, innovative, and memorable. The future of fragrance is feeling. It is the combination of the physical and the emotional, the functional and the captivating. Tomorrow’s premium fragrance market will begin to tie scent to specific times, spaces, and energies, making the invisible visible, the sensitive sensory and the magical real. As we re-emerge into the world, this is not just limited to fragrances but also to entire beauty space where the market is witnessing innovation in formulation through an amalgamation of categories such as personal care or hygiene or makeup and/or skincare.
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