9-11 December 2021
Cosmoprof India
COSMOTALKS - The Virtual Series

"HOW TO REINVENT YOURSELF" but what does it mean?

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year! The existing competitive landscape and a non-negotiable consumer demand was followed by a global health crisis, impacting and rewiring the consumer thinking in a radical fashion. The flux in demand is forcing brands to review their positioning, adapt their speech, innovate, change their strategy, or even extend their new product expertise. We speak of "reinvention"!
New challenges are testing the agility & creativity of the brand exposing their strengths & weaknesses. Additionally, the consumer is evolving, in terms of their choices, awareness, expectation, and values. It has become inevitable for the brands to experiment & innovate while minimizing the ecological implications of their actions. There is no perfect formula for a winning strategy. However, centdegrés noted the directions that brands could adopt in order to maximize their impact and achieve long term goals.


Brand loyalty can be developed only if the consumer has a connection with the brand. The market keeps evolving and so does the consumer. What shall the brands offer beyond products? The trends project a development towards a community centric approach, greater expectation in term of values, ethos, social & eco responsibility. The brands need to create an identity to attract the right audience. Focus has to be directed on the flexibility & agility of the internal working of the brand as well as external. The companies need to move away from a traditional structure to create a modern symphony, balancing purposefulness and innovation.

The customer experience is the key in developing the curiosity & value of the brand in the long term. The pandemic changed the consumption pattern of the consumer as well as the panorama of the social media. The first point of contact, that is the visual identity and packaging is not only restricted to a physical form anymore. The brand’s desirability can be enhanced by developing a seamless interaction between the consumer and the brand, a cohesive communication online & offline.

Agility also extends to the brands ability to restructure and find innovative & creative solutions to external problems. For instance, many brands pivoted to develop new brand categories, primarily essentials. However, some cross-categories were well-thought and targeted to solve larger issues not just the ones related to pandemic. This prudency created a strong opportunity for product & brand extension.

The pandemic has accelerated the digital consumption pattern across all mediums & channels. E-commerce is defining the new normal for consumer across the globe. The retail strategy has to have a balance with its offline & online distribution. The set conventions of customer experience & customer journey are not restricted to physical stores anymore. The retail & digital coherency should impart a 360° immersive experience. Brands must innovate to recreate & replicate the in-store experience onto a digital platform to transmit maximum brand essence.

In conclusion, consciousness in 2021 is compulsory for any brand and the 3 catalyst that supplement the growth are AGILITY, DESIRABILITY & CONNECTED.

Moderator & Speakers:
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Nikita Rustagi
Nikita Rustagi
Regional Director, centdegrés
Sabrina Tan
Sabrina Tan
Founder & CEO, Skin Inc.
François Arpels
François Arpels
Brand Strategy & Expansion Expert
Sabrina Tan, Founder & CEO, SKIN INC - As the Founder, CEO, and visionary behind Skin Inc, Sabrina Tan is a true pioneer in skincare personalization through technological innovation to achieve the most inimitable and impactful results on the market. With a passionate calling to “reboot beauty,” Tan conceived Skin Inc as “the world’s first Customized Serum Cocktail Bar” and multiple award-winning industry first skincare system. Since launching in Singapore in 2008 Skin Inc has become a globally loved brand and recipient of over 100 beauty awards and is now available in 78 cities across 200 global distribution channels, including Sephora, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, Amazon, Feel Unique, and Urban Outfitters. Even as Skin Inc’s market and audience grows exponentially, Sabrina remains committed to keeping intimacy core principle above all. Read more>

François Arpels, Brand Strategy & Expansion Expert - Passionate about the dynamics leading to brand building, François has been creating, devising and executing innovative strategies for the local and international development of European lifestyle and luxury brands since 2002 with a progressive focus on South East Asia resulting in his relocation to New Delhi in 2015 where he has been supporting “made by India” brands from beauty, to fine jewelry to accessories in connection with their expansion abroad.
François has also been solicited by owners of brands from Italy (fine jewelry brand distributed in 400 doors in 12 countries), and Singapore (innovative skin care brand at the crossroads between wellness and tech), who are relying on his guidance for his definition and the implementation of disruptive strategies for their global expansion.
In parallel, François is launching a drop shipping digital marketplace with an editorial line focused on sustainable independent brands. Read more>
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