9-11 December 2021
Cosmoprof India
COSMOTALKS - The Virtual Series

Cosmotalks - The Virtual Series is a brand new project presented by Cosmoprof India, aiming to keep you updated with online presentations on the latest beauty trends and post-crisis strategies.

Brightening trends in facial skincare

Though once formidable, whitening is losing its stronghold on the skincare category. How can the category update itself by leaning towards skin health claims, such as glow, fresh and even skintone? 
Consumers are looking for the next hero ingredient for skin health, and balancing nature and science to back this benefit is a key to success. There is room for ingredient associations with glow claims, highlighting an opportunity to target Gen Z consumers.
Inclusive marketing to Gen Z can help to expand the category, and during COVID-19, users in this demographic would be great online influencers as well as offline as they tend to influence older family members.


The Psychological & Behavioral Impact of the Crisis

Recent events have upended the way that consumers live, accelerating a long-term shift in values and priorities that have been emerging for some time.
Join the latest BEAUTYSTREAMS webinar which explores the psychological and behavioral impact of the crisis.
We analyze the evolution towards empathic consumption, health escapism, revenge spending, and other trends which will continue long after worldwide lockdowns subside and economies restart. 


World Market for Beauty and Personal Care

Covid-19 sees the global beauty industry contract in 2020 with the forecast period impacted by slowing growth. Colour cosmetics and fragrances were particularly hard-hit while bath and shower, and skin care remained resilient.
Asia Pacific remains a bright spot for the industry due to faster recovery from the pandemic, whilst North America and Western Europe see their economies suffer.
Consumer attitudes have shifted due to the disruption of this period and companies must adapt to this through their digital and e-commerce offerings whilst aligning with simplicity and wellness.


HOW TO REINVENT YOURSELF. But what does it mean?

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year! The existing competitive landscape and a non-negotiable consumer demand was followed by a global health crisis, impacting and rewiring the consumer thinking in a radical fashion. The flux in demand is forcing brands to review their positioning, adapt their speech, innovate, change their strategy, or even extend their new product expertise. We speak of "reinvention"!
New challenges are testing the agility & creativity of the brand exposing their strengths & weaknesses. Additionally, the consumer is evolving, in terms of their choices, awareness, expectation, and values. It has become inevitable for the brands to experiment & innovate while minimizing the ecological implications of their actions. There is no perfect formula for a winning strategy. However, centdegrés noted the directions that brands could adopt in order to maximize their impact and achieve long term goals.


Sustainability in the Cosmetics Industry: Update and Outlook?

This seminar gives an update on sustainability in the cosmetics industry. Details will be given on how operators are embracing sustainability: from ethical sourcing of raw materials, green formulations, energy management, to sustainable packaging. An update will also be given on how sustainability issues are evolving during the coronavirus crisis. What sustainability issues are becoming more important? What green issues are likely to take precedent in a post-COVID beauty industry?

New Beauty Moments

WGSN unveils how the pandemic and home hub lifestyles have altered our beauty behaviours and liberated our self-care routines from the traditional morning and evening anchors creating new beauty moments and needs for brands to fulfill.

From pre-Zoom beauty snacking to twilight rituals, we highlight what this means for product development, formats, ingredients and tools, and how brands can design rituals around consumers' new lifestyle needs. This insight will be underpinned by our 2023 beauty personas that will help you understand how your new emerging customer wants from their make-up bag and bathroom shelves, and how to design to appeal to them.


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