9-11 December 2021
Cosmoprof India
COSMOTALKS - The Virtual Series

Brightening trends in facial skincare

Though once formidable, whitening is losing its stronghold on the skincare category. How can the category update itself by leaning towards skin health claims, such as glow, fresh and even skintone? 
Consumers are looking for the next hero ingredient for skin health, and balancing nature and science to back this benefit is a key to success. There is room for ingredient associations with glow claims, highlighting an opportunity to target Gen Z consumers.

Inclusive marketing to Gen Z can help to expand the category, and during COVID-19, users in this demographic would be great online influencers as well as offline as they tend to influence older family members.

Find out more about how your brand can: 
►  Adapt to changing societal views on whitening products.
►  Replace skin colour claims with skin health ones, such as whitening being switched out for brightening and glow.
►  Use ingredients as underlying signals to consumers of the category's evolution from whitening to glow.
►  Get an early start on brightening's next evolution.


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Tanya Rajani
Tanya Rajani
India Beauty and Personal Care Analyst, Mintel
Angelia Teo
Angelia Teo
APAC Head of Beauty and Personal Care, Mintel
Tanya Rajani, India Beauty and Personal Care Analyst, Mintel - Tanya has eight years of communications experience of the beauty and personal care industry. Having worked with some of the leading beauty and FMCG companies in India, she is equipped in understanding the beauty and personal care market as well as beauty trends and consumer behaviour.

Angelia Teo, APAC Head of Beauty and Personal Care, Mintel - Based in Singapore, Angelia is a content specialist and consumer trend forecaster, leveraging her knowledge of shopping behaviour, purchaser drivers and cultural shifts to inform insight on Asian markets for beauty and beyond.
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